Sunday, March 3, 2013

Administration Urges Supreme Court To Reject CA Gay Marriage Ban

The Obama administration asked the Supreme Court to rule that California voters were not entitled to ban same-sex marriage in 2008 through Proposition 8. The administration rightly argues that such a ban violates equal protection under the law. In this regard, it is impermissible for voters to decide upon the rights of a particular group. One wishes that the administration didn't just apply its argument to California, but to all states with such a ban. Still, it is going in the right direction by fighting Proposition 8:

In a forceful argument, the administration claimed that denying gay couples the right to marry violates the Constitution’s equal protection clause...

...While the brief does not call explicitly for the court to strike down the laws in the seven other states, the implication of its argument is clear. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. issued a statement that tied the government’s argument into the fundamental struggle against discrimination and for civil rights, saying that the brief “seeks to vindicate the defining constitutional ideal of equal treatment under the law.” He said that the court’s decisions concerning the two same-sex marriage cases “are not just important to the tens of thousands of Americans who are being denied equal benefits and rights under our laws, but to our nation as a whole.”

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