Sunday, March 24, 2013

Former Bush Adviser Blasts Marriage Equality Opponent

Former George W. Bush adviser Nicolle Wallace blasted social conservative Gary Bauer for his statement that the campaign for marriage equality is led by "elites" who "cower people." Wallace pointed out that Bauer's "biggest problem" is the fact that marriage equality is now supported by a majority of Americans. Watch Wallace present Bauer with uncomfortable facts:

WALLACE: Chris, Chris, the biggest problem that Mr. Bauer faces, not just this morning but moving forward is that more than 65% of his own base, self-describing Evangelical Christians, under the age of 33, support marriage equality. 80% of people in this country, right, left, Democrat, Republican, man, woman, support marriage equality. More than 60% of all Americans, everyone, supports marriage equality. And that very same activist court that he railed against with such hostility this morning always sides on the side of freedom. They are the same court that overturned gun bans, for overreaching. They’re the very same court that overturned campaign finance reform for overreaching, so we can despise the courts for its activism when we don’t like their behavior, but we can’t say that this is a court that always sides on the side of liberals.

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