Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pat Robertson: Liberals Use Schools Like Gulags

Pat Robertson responded to a report that Chicago public schools will teach kindergartners “the basics about anatomy, reproduction, healthy relationships and personal safety” by calling it a “liberal initiative to force their point of view on others.” He compared such supposed liberal indoctrination in American schools to the Russian use of Gulags and the Chinese use of prisons. Parents can opt children out of the sexual health education program, a point not mentioned by Robertson in the following clip:

ROBERTSON: You see we believe in America, in freedom, in free choice, free enterprise, freedom; but the liberals, the progressives so-called, they want to enforce their point of view and have people in lockstep accepting what they want. If people won’t accept it, the Russians were willing to put them in gulags; the Chinese have been willing to put them in prisons. Here in America, the liberals think they’ve got them in school and they want to indoctrinate them and force them into a mindset that is contrary to what their parents believe.


Michael The Molar Maven said...

God forbid children learn about "anatomy, reproduction, healthy relationships and personal safety" from well-trained, qualified teachers and other professionals. Better they learn by trial and error - the conservative way.

Jeff Tone said...

That, in effect, is Robertson's goal: to spread ignorance.