Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NRA Ends Convention Pushing Guns On Kids At "Youth Day"

The NRA ended its convention in Houston on Sunday with "Youth Day," in which young kids were enticed to fire airsoft guns and offered free six-month memberships. One 9-year-old taking part in what the NRA billed as a family-fun outing  said, "I like guns because guns are fun":

...Some of the attendees were the age of the Newtown massacre victims, others too young to know the difference between a toy gun and a real one.

“Spend the day exploring 400,000 square feet of exhibit hall containing over 550 exhibitors from across the country. Share the excitement with spectacular displays and fun-filled events for the entire family,” the NRA wrote on its website.

The event was staged a day after the NRA welcomed its youngest lifetime member, 3-year-old Elaih Wagan, whose grandfather purchased the membership.

...In the convention center, pint-sized gun enthusiasts, some taught about the Second Amendment before they learned to read, perused the latest makes and models of firearms.

...The convention floor was packed with little girls and boys with guns in their hands.

One blond girl in camouflage tights and pink skirt, who appeared to be about 7, gripped an air pistol as an instructor gave her tips on her aim.

Another young girl, with help from an adult, practiced aiming a rifle nearly as tall as she was. It was only an air gun that shoots pellets, but was made to look like an menacing AR-15 assault rifle — similar to one used by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook.

Image: A child holding up an assault rifle that's almost bigger than him. David Handschuh, New York Daily News


Jon Rector, editor of the Oracle said...

The NRA must be beside themselves with glee. Our American kiddies are learning so much fun stuff about guns and their 2nd Amendment rights to rid the country of other kids.

"One shot, one kill" was a graphic lesson learned by a five year old boy in Kentucky who offed his little sister with his Just For Kids rifle. His parents must be so proud.

A three year old boy here in Florida just learned that it is dangerous to leave a locked and loaded 9MM pistol just lying around where a three year old boy could find it. Unfortunately, he died from his self-inflicted lesson in gun safety.

Will there ever be an end to this country's lust for firearms? Probably not any time soon. I don't think we have enough dead kids yet.

How sad!

Jeff Tone said...

Hi Jon,

After Sandy Hook, we learned that no amount of dead kids will change the perspective of the NRA. It's tragic, but there's no point debating these fanatics. We just have to mobilize against them.

Thanks, as always, for your comment.