Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Robertson: Gays Can Change Just Like Murderers And Rapists

We're now witnessing the legalization of marriage equality in a series of states, the latest being Rhode IslandDelaware and, quite possibly, Minnesota. We can contrast this positive change with the "change" espoused by Pat Robertson. Referring to a case in Ecuador where a politician violated that country's electoral code ban on discrimination with anti-gay remarks, Robertson said that gays can "change their sexual preference" just like murderers, rapists and thieves can change. As the religious right realizes that they're fighting a losing battle against marriage equality, expect them to ratchet up the hatred and looniness in their rhetoric. Watch Robertson as a case in point:

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Jacob Seavello said...

He's technically right... Hate crimes are defined by ostracizing, banning and even violently attacking an person based on their beliefs and societal standing as well as race, gender, and even ethnic background. Saying a person can change doesn't mean 'hate' at all. Actually a majority of religion preaches about acceptance and understanding, but is heavily labeled by bigotice and bias as being hateful and even closed minded, sexuality is a private and personal matter between a person and their partner and should stay as such. Parading it around as a way to promote equality is almost sickening and perverse. And the biggest insult is labeling 'SEX' as 'LOVE', back in the 70s homosexuality was removed from a list of mental illnesses by supporters claiming: "Sexual preference is a 'choice', you aren't born with it." now it seems the argument is: "This is who I was born as not who I 'chose' to be." so what changed this ideal was more or less what form of 'equality' a person seeks and whatever better furthers their cause. I know most homosexuals want to live as normal citizens which is right, however radical homosexuals parading about like over flamboyant peacocks wearing strap-ons and assless chaps doesn't speak for equality or culture, it speaks for depravity and and a careless disregard for common decency, not to mention extreme stereotyping. Furthermore utilizing counter 'hate' words like Hater is just bigotice and ignorant. But I digress, 'real' mainstream 'majority' thought religion is based on understanding and acceptance, the minority is opposed to it and seems to be the focus of hate against it. Now as for why religion speaks against homosexuality is because it speaks out against all depraved or deviant acts such as: sodomy, rape, murder, thievery, adultery, promiscuity, bigotry, racism, violence, abuse, drug use, molestation, crassness, profanity, torture and materialism. Ideally religion is what keeps 'morality' in check within a society or bases the societies level towards 'morality' to that effect. Do Christians for instance think homosexuality is wrong, yes, yes they do. Now do they 'hate' homosexuals, well if they are 'real' Christians then no, no they don't. The Bible teaches love thy brother as you should love thyself . so basically treat others as you would want to be treated, the definition of respect. Now the moment both extreme sides realize they are just both feeding radical negative stereotypes and not equality and acceptance is the moment when equality will change. And as for people changing, yes they can but unfortunately, due to homosexuality, rape, homicidal tendency, and kleptomania being chemical/physiological problems only drugs can help sway a person from such vices; which is worse for them so it is better that they be who they are but if they do want to change that's their choice, and if they don't that's their choice as well. But people need to remember 'freedom' is based on acceptance and tolerance. Also not everyone is going to agree with your own personal life choices. So if you choose to be 'who you are' and your lifestyle isn't 'conventional', get used to being treated different based on it. That isn't hate, that is just how society works.