Sunday, July 28, 2013

Charles Koch: If You Earn Over $34,000, You're The One Percent

Charles Koch (right) and his brother, David Koch, are billionaire right-wing activists first brought to widespread attention in Jane Mayer's New Yorker article, "Covert Operations" (Aug. 3, 2010), must reading for readers of this blog. The Charles Koch Foundation produced the video below, "Economic Freedom in 60 Seconds," whose message is, "If you earn over $34,000, you are one of the wealthiest one percent in the world"–compared, that is, to the poorest ten percent. In an interview on the Thom Hartmann show, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) explains, “Charles Koch was comparing American workers: ‘We’re not doing so bad. Compared to Sub-Saharan Africa, you’re doing really well. Compared to desperate Third World countries. What are you complaining about in America?’ And that is now the line of the Republicans: that we are being now compared not to Finland, not to Denmark, not to First World countries, but to people in the Third or Fourth World. So there is a war against working families.” Watch as Charles Koch tells you how wealthy you are–and why you should stop griping about income inequality:

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