Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fox News: Mr. Rogers Was An "Evil, Evil Man"

Could there have been a gentler, more encouraging children's television host than Mr. Rogers, who told youngsters that they were special? By boosting their self-esteem, presumably they would feel good about themselves, empathize with others and achieve their potential. According to Fox hosts, however, Mr. Rogers was an "evil, evil man" who "ruined a generation of kids" by giving them a sense of entitlement. Watch as they condemn Mr. Rogers for teaching kids self-confidence:

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Michael J. Mand said...

Individuality be damned; we need automatons! They have got to be kidding! FOS misses the genius of Mr. Rogers. His message was not entitlement, it was that failure and mistakes are forgivable are a correctible part of growing up. And that they should not affect one's self esteem. This is a difficult concept for impressionable children to understand. What FOX is saying, however, is that importance is earned, and that is just not true. Respect and success must be earned, but not human rights and self worth.

Having said that, I abhor the practice of "everybody gets a trophy". Trophies, even in Little League, should be earned. It must be explained to children who did not get trophies, first, why they didn't get one, and, second, that it is no shame not get one. But, a trophy just for showing up, an emphatic NO!