Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gov. Walker Quietly Signs Mandatory Ultrasound Bill

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) signed a bill that will require women to undergo ultrasounds before an abortion and will shut abortion clinics. Walker made sure not to attract attention; he didn't sign the bill in public and waited until this holiday weekend to do so. He issued a press release that listed the bill among 17 other signed measures and noted, “This bill improves a woman’s ability to make an informed choice that will protect her physical and mental health now and in the future”:

Gov. Scott Walker quietly signed a contentious Republican bill Friday that would require women seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound and ban doctors who lack admitting privileges at nearby hospitals from performing the procedures.

Opponents contend legislators shouldn’t force women to undergo any medical procedure and the bill will force at least two abortion clinics where providers lack admitting privileges to shut their doors.

The Republican-controlled Legislature passed the bill in mid-June. Walker, a Republican, could have chosen to sign it at any time since then but decided to do it on Friday in the middle of the long 4th of July holiday weekend. The measure’s opponents accused him of trying to bury news of the signing.

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