Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sarah Slamen Finishes Her Pro-Choice Testimony

Sarah Slamen, who was disrupted and ejected by Sen. Jane Nelson (R) while delivering fiery pro-choice remarks in front of a Texas state Senate committee, finished her testimony on Lawrence O'Donnell's show. She explained that she reached her "breaking point" after hearing women who have had abortions described as "murderers, killers, insinuating that we're promiscuous"–and hearing the criticism of a woman who movingly testified about her decision to have an abortion after learning that her unborn child would have spina bifida. Slamen also explained that as a privileged middle class white woman who was able to attend the hearings, she had to speak for "Women with two and three jobs, the 20 percent of women who might be living in the rural communities of Texas who can't get to the capitol, caregivers, they can't get to the hearings and stand up for their rights, and it's obvious that all the Republicans on that committee don't care about the right to their health care either." Watch:

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