Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stop Hillary PAC Suggests Clinton Victory Would Induce Suicidal Thoughts

The Stop Hillary PAC's Facebook page posted an image (above) suggesting that a Clinton presidency would induce suicidal thoughts. Apparently the group feels that their mental health hinges on defeating Clinton:

The Stop Hillary PAC, which just unveiled its leadership team earlier this week, posted the image on July 18. The top half of the image includes a photo of the former New York senator and first lady next to the caption "Hillary Clinton 2016," while the bottom half shows Stewie Griffin — the precocious baby in the hit animated comedy "Family Guy" — holding a gun in his mouth.

Garrett Marquis, a spokesperson for the Stop Hillary PAC, told [Talking Points Memo] by phone that the group hasn't received any pushback over the image.

“We’ve gotten some funny exchanges," Marquis said. "The reality is it’s a cartoon. It’s not a cartoon that we created.”

He added: “The underlying message is that if it’s another two, four, eight years of Hillary Clinton, we need to do something about that now. The serious issue is Hillary Clinton, and the machine that backs Bill and Hillary Clinton.”


Michael The Molar Maven said...

This is NOT funny. Divorcing yourself from its creation is simply not enough.

Jeff Tone said...

He's clearly trying to have it both ways.