Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alabama GOP Considers Removing Pro Gay Marriage Member

The Alabama Republican Party is considering an amendment to its bylaws removing any steering committee member who disagrees with the 2012 Republican National Convention platform. The proposal was prompted by outrage at Alabama College Republicans Chairwoman Stephanie Petelos' comments supporting gay marriage and by her "liking" a Facebook page, the “Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry." So much for the Republican "big tent":

Some Party leaders reacted strongly to Petelos’ statements, moving to have her removed from the Party’s steering committee, a position she holds as a result of being elected chair of the Alabama College Republicans.

A verbal agreement was reached between Party leaders and Petelos in which she agreed to not speak publicly in support of gay marriage in her official capacity as College Republicans chair. In return, the Party leaders said they would drop the issue. But the ALGOP bylaws committee went a step further and proposed a written agreement that instructed Petelos to never speak publicly against any part of the Party’s platform. She declined to sign it.

Some members of the Party’s steering committee and executive committee feel like the issue is unresolved.

“I feel like as a member of the Steering Committee and leadership, that you have a higher duty to support the party’s platform in your official capacity,” said Don Wallace, President of the Alabama Republican Assembly and Past Vice-Chairman of ALGOP. “When the College Republican Chairwoman made official statements in conflict with the party platform’s support for traditional marriage...I believe that requires action by the Republican Party on both procedural and moral grounds.”

...The amendment will be voted on by the Alabama Republican Party executive committee at the Party’s summer meeting on Aug. 24.


Michael J. Mand said...

I don't know. It seems to me to be within its rights for the Republican Party to remove any officer who publicly disagrees with its platform. On the other hand, it is within my rights not to vote for them!

Jeff Tone said...

If the party wants to remove everyone who doesn't publicly agree with all of its positions, it will be an increasingly narrow party–which is what the Republican Party is.