Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Night At The Liberal Curmudgeon: Wilson Pickett Live

Passionate soul pioneer Wilson Pickett belted out one of his signature songs, "In The Midnight Hour," at the 13-hour Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary Concert, Madison Square Garden, May 14, 1988. "Wicked Pickett" was backed by the Blues Brothers Band.


Michael J. Mand said...

Wilson Pickett was one of the few "soul" singers who could rival Otis Redding for claim to being the best. If I am not mistaken, the core of The Blues Brothers Band were The MGs.

Atlantic Records is, in itself, a story of musical triumph. While other labels sought to control the content of their recording artists, Ahmet Ertogun and Herb Abramson - co-founders - gave thier performers the creative freedom in the studio. You just have to look at the career of Aretha Franklin to understand what I mean. It wasn't until she left Columbia Records, where she recorded some fine, but only moderately successful, blues music, and signed with Atlantic that she exploded on the scene with swome of the most exciting soul music ever heard. Atlantic Records, and it's subsidiaries, ATCO and Cotillion , had the vision and understanding of creative talent that other labels lacked. That vision is sorely lacking today in the environment of corporate enetertainment, which is why most good music now is independently distributed.

Another good choice.

Jeff Tone said...

Yes, I'd put Pickett up there with Redding. Thanks for your kind words and, as always, interesting musical background. I'd expect nothing less from the host of St. James Infirmary.