Monday, August 12, 2013

"The Attack," Directed By Ziad Doueiri

"The Attack," directed by Lebanese filmmaker Ziad Doueiri, opens with Palestinian surgeon Amin (Ali Suliman) receiving an award for his work as a surgeon in Tel Aviv, where the film was made. Assimilated and successful, Amin can't imagine that his wife, Siham (Reymonde Amsellem), is at that moment planning to blow herself up in one of the city's restaurants during a children's birthday party. Amin is interrogated by an Israeli police captain (Uri Gavriel) as a possible suspect, yet he is appalled and bewildered by his wife's terrorist act. He sets off for the West Bank to find out who brainwashed her to become a suicide bomber. At the same time, he is tormented by another mystery: who is this woman with whom he lived, and how is it that he had no inkling of her secret life? Amin is also subject to suspicions held against him by both Israelis and Palestinians. In a reflection of the director's statement that the film is neither anti-Palestinian nor anti-Israeli, Amin has tried to hew a neutral course as a healer in a land riven by violence. His wife's act poignantly forces him to reconsider the conflict that surrounds him and reveals the precariousness of his former assumptions.

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