Thursday, September 5, 2013

Best Of The Left Podcast Brings The Best Of Liberal Media

I highly recommend that all my readers listen to and support the Best of the Left Podcast, and spread the word about the show to friends. First, host Jay Tomlinson provides, as he states, “the absolute best of the truly liberal media.” Second, I became concerned when I heard Jay state following the latest episode, “For a really long time, there’s been a very gradual decline in the total number of members…It’s just been a steady downward slope.” It behooves all of us who value alternative voices to keep the Best of the Left alive and kicking–especially kicking against reactionary policies.

Each listener-supported Best of the Left show focuses on a topic of concern to progressives: income inequality, gay rights, women’s rights, labor rights, racism, the environment, health care, domestic surveillance, gun control, the media, foreign policy and more. Jay provides a compilation of clips from outstanding commentators; among my favorites are Rachel Maddow, Sam Seder, Counterspin, the Young Turks, Jim Hightower, Thom Hartmann, The Progressive, David Pakman, Dan Savage, Bill Moyers and Jimmy Dore.

I don’t have time to listen to all of these commentators’ individual shows, so I appreciate the podcast’s bringing me a representative selection. It’s also been a great source of topics for me as a blogger at The Liberal Curmudgeon (where you’ll find the Best of the Left linked under the “Multimedia” listings). I encourage you to visit, where, besides iTunes, you’ll find various ways to subscribe to the podcast; click on the “membership” and “donate” tabs to support the show. You can also keep up with news about the show through Facebook and Twitter.

The Best of the Left is an invaluable alternative media resource for the entire progressive community. I encourage you to listen to the Best of the Left and support it as generously as you can.

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