Sunday, September 15, 2013

Claire Conner: Who Are The Birchers Today?

Progressive author Claire Conner, the daughter of John Birch Society members, has written a book, "Wrapped in the Flag," an account of that far right group and its enduring influence in the GOP and Tea Party. In the following video, Conner explores the question, "Who are the Birchers today?" She finds that their ideas are represented by a right-wing coalition "50 years in the making." Today's "'new' GOP ideas," Conner argues, are "rewrites of the same old ideas," as current Republican leaders parrot themes long promoted by the Birchers. Watch:


Michael J. Mand said...

The problem is that Conner is correct. The extreme right does look at programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps - what is it called now? - as socialism. And maybe it is, but certain programs need to be socialized. Defense is socialized. Maintenance of infrastructure is socialized. Most government services are socialized. The programs that are the target of most conservatives a also those that help extricate many from poverty and allow them to become productive consumers. Without those programs too many families would be mired in poverty for generations. And how much does that cost the taxpayer? There are always those who learn to game the system - lord knows, I treat mmny of them in the clinic in The Bronx - but, better to enforce eligibility than to eliminate that which in invaluable to the truly needy.

Jeff Tone said...

Well put. Regarding Medicare, you don't see the Tea Party protesting that program. When it benefits them, socialism is fine. The only protest you see is the absurd "hands off my Medicare."