Saturday, September 28, 2013

Greg Sargent: GOP Concedes Nothing In Raising Debt Limit

Greg Sargent (left) points out that the Republicans concede nothing by agreeing to raise the debt limit and pay the bills that Congress has already incurred. Despite this, the Republicans have put forth an absurd list of demands that have nothing to do with the debt. Sargent states that Democrats are not asking Republicans to give up anything; all they want is for the GOP to govern responsibly. Further, Sargent asks the media to give up the pretense that both parties are making equivalent demands:

It remains to be seen whether major commentators and news orgs will clearly and forthrightly reckon with — and convey to readers — how insane the GOP position here really is. I laid out the reasons for this yesterday, but the short version is that Democrats are not asking Republicans to give up anything in requesting that they support a debt limit hike. They are not asking Republicans to agree to more spending. They are not asking for new taxes. They are simply asking Republicans to join them in making it possible for Congress to pay obligations it has already incurred, and in so doing, avert economic catastrophe for the whole country. There is no rationale for giving Republicans anything in return for this.

Yet story after story portrays this as a battle in which both sides are asking the other to make concessions, and in which it remains to be seen whether a compromise will be reached. But the real ”compromise” position here is one in which Republicans and Dems cooperate to avert economic catastrophe for the country. It is not a “compromise” if Dems unilaterally give up concessions in exchange for Republican cooperation in making it possible to pay debts already incurred and thus averting economic disaster for all of us. In this scenario, Republicans aren’t giving up anything. Only Dems are.

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