Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fox's Stossel: Women Should Pay More Insurance Since "Maybe They're Hypochondriacs"

Speaking to Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy, libertarian Fox Business host John Stossel argued that women should pay more for health insurance because "they go to the doctor more often than men" and "maybe they're hypochondriacs." Watch:


Michael J. Mand said...

I generally agree with your point of view regarding health care, but, you skew your argument when you convenienly left out, in your introduction to the video, what Stossel said before the hypochondria remark. He said, "Maybe they're smarter..." The remarks are not as insensitive as you lead your readers to believe. His comments do give food for thought, however. Diane and I go to the same hair dresser. He charges her far more than he charges me because, he told me, women, in general, examine his work in more detail. I charge my patients more for crowns in the "esthetic zone", those which the public can see when a patient opens his or her mouth, than I do for those in the back of the mouth, even though they are generally easier to do and cost me no more. Why? Because patients are more demanding when it comes to their smile. There are more esthetic adjustments. Also, I no longer offer free denture adjustments after a very brief post-insertion period. Why? Because I know how to adjust a denture. If a patient needs more than two or three adjustments, that patient has a specific, personal issue that requiires attention. That additional attention is accompanied by an associated fee. Once again, the question is utilization. (Historical note: Until recently adjusting dentures free of charge for the first six months was considered standard of care, until utilization studies revealed that this policy was unnecessary as well as overly burdensome to the provider.) As a health care provider, I don't think what Stossel is saying is totally unreasonable. Are you aware that New York State charges employers twice as much for worker's compensation insurance for female employess than it does for male employees? Why? Becuase utilization studies revealed that this is warranted. That is the point he is trying to make.

Michael J. Mand said...

Follow-up to my previous comment: I'm not saying that I agree that women should pay more for health care insurance. If, in fact, women do go to the doctor more frequently, presumably at the onset of symptoms, this may translate to less need for more expensive treatment in the future - an equilizing factor.

Jeff Tone said...

"Conveniently" implies "knowingly," as if I'm trying to hoodwink readers, which I'm not. The fact that Stossel said "maybe they're smarter" makes no difference; it doesn't mitigate the fact that he also said, "maybe they're hypochondriacs."