Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gaffney: More People Voting Means "The End Of America As We Have Known It"

In a commentary, Frank Gaffney, conservative columnist and former Reagan official, expresses the Republican fear of the "wrong people" voting–and he makes clear the party's motivation to suppress the vote. Gaffney complains that the Affordable Care Act website asks users if they want to register to vote (other conservatives are also upset about this). Gaffney envisions millions of low-income voters registering, resulting in "a permanent majority demanding government hand-outs – and the end of America as we have known it." More people voting? Why, the implications are positively un-American! Listen:

GAFFNEY: For some time, it’s been apparent that the Obama presidency is promoting creeping socialism. Obamacare’s intervention in, and substantial takeover of, one-sixth of our economy is a particularly ominous manifestation of the administration’s agenda – and evidence of its progress.

Not content with creeping, though, Team Obama’s socialists have broken into a full gallop. That’s the practical implication of a newly revealed facet of Obamacare: Whatever its other shortcomings and outright failings, the health care registration process is being used effectively to compel Americans to register to vote.

The process lends itself to abuse and fraud. And allies of the President say the goal is to register sixty-eight million, mostly low-income voters. If successful, expect a permanent majority demanding government hand-outs – and the end of America as we have known it.


Zina said...

I look forward to the end of Gaffney's vision of America. Thanks for posting this.

Jeff Tone said...

You're welcome, Zina. I quite agree. By the way, I admire your outstanding political cartoon videos. Great satire! You've been listed on this blog for a long time. See the column on the right, under "Cartoonists."

Zina said...

Thanks for the kind words about my cartoons, but it's almost too easy to satirize the pols on the scene today!And you are listed in my blogroll, too: you bring things to my attention in a fresh way or that I didn't even know about, so thanks!

Jeff Tone said...

Many thanks, Zina, for listing me and for your kind words as well. That's what I try to do for readers, so I'm pleased to read your statement.

I believe you're too modest by stating what's "too easy." Incisive satire is never easy. You and Mark Fiore are the two most outstanding contemporary progressive cartoon animators.