Sunday, November 3, 2013

Remembering Lou Reed (1942-2013), Rock's Urban Poet Laureate

Rock music lost a major icon last Sunday with the death of Lou Reed, 71, singer, songwriter and guitarist renowned for his poetic, dark, urban-oriented lyrics. He originally played with The Velvet Underground, one of the most influential groups in rock history. The music of this proto-punk, late 1960s, NYC-based band focused on drugs, sexuality, alienation and street life, among the themes Reed continued to explore as a solo artist. Above, Reed played "Sweet Jane" on the BBC, in the year 2000. Reed previously appeared on this blog here and here, as a solo act; here, with Pete Townshend, and here with The Velvet Underground. Listen to a tribute to Lou Reed (parts one and two) on the St. James Infirmary music show, hosted by my good friend Michael Mand.


Michael J. Mand said...

There is no way to measure the influence Lou Reed had on the direction that music was to take in the seventies. He was the godfather of both "glam" rock and punk rock. His music, however, recapitulated life. He matured; his music matured; his audience matured. His was truly a remarkable career which deserves a greater tribute than I was able to provide in two hours on St. James Infirmary this past Friday.

Jeff Tone said...

I look forward to hearing your tribute to Lou Reed at