Sunday, November 24, 2013

Saturday Night At The Liberal Curmudgeon: Dick Dale Live

Dick Dale, "King of the Surf Guitar," played his signature song "Misirlou" on the Jools Holland Show, England, 1995. Dale, a Lebanese-American, recorded "Misirlou" in 1962; the song originated in Greece and dates back to the 1920s. Rolling Stone listed Dale among the 100 greatest guitarists. Influenced by Middle Eastern instrumentation as a youth, Dale also connected his music to his love for surfing, stating, "When I started surfing, you'd hear this neat rumbling sound when you took off and go for the drop and when the wave is lipping up over the top of you it makes this hissing sound. And that's the intermittent squeals on the top that I do with my guitar. The music is a collective togetherness between the ocean's power, the animal power, and the human power that we have inside our abdomen."


Michael J. Mand said...

An interesting choice. Mathematical equation: Dick Dale's guitar + Four Freshman harmonies = The Beach Boys!

Jeff Tone said...

Yes, but The Beach Boys' guitar solos, while retaining the surf sound, could only approximate those of Dale.