Monday, December 30, 2013

Pew Research: Republican Belief In Evolution Declines

A new Pew Research Center analysis has found that the number of Republicans who believe in evolution has declined since 2009. While a majority of Democrats and independents state that human beings have evolved over time, that is now a minority position among GOP voters:

There are sizable differences among partisan groups in beliefs about evolution. Republicans are less inclined than either Democrats or political independents to say that humans have evolved over time. Roughly two-thirds of Democrats (67%) and independents (65%) say that humans have evolved over time, compared with less than half of Republicans (43%).

The size of the gap between partisan groups has grown since 2009. Republicans are less inclined today than they were in 2009 to say that humans have evolved over time (43% today vs. 54% in 2009), while opinion among both Democrats and independents has remained about the same.

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