Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Throughout 2013, Fox Railed Against America's "Wussification"

Yoga in schools. Suspending a police officer for cursing on a school bus. Paid internships. A possible name change for the Washington Redskins. Complaining to human resources. Firing abusive coaches. Those are among the top 10 signs of the "wussification" of America that Fox News cited throughout 2013. Watch Media Matters' video compilation:


Michael J. Mand said...

I don't thind the Washington Redskins team should change its name. All the team needs is to change its logo from the Native American head to the image of an onion or a potato - or both - after all, the name is The Redskins, not The Redskin. Problem solved!

But seriously, Fox's presentation is somewhat childish, but I do agree that there is a problem in this country with over-protection, expecially of our children. There is no need to offend or insult anybody, as many sports coaches do, but children must learn to address all situations and decide for themselves what is and what is not worthy of response - and how to repsond to those deemed important enough. We need a balance.

BTW, I do believe that those who object to the name of the Washington football team have a defensible position, while anyone believing the same about the Atlanta Braves - although I haven't heard any such objections yet - do not. "Redskin" is a pejorative characterization when it refers to a human being, "Brave" is not.

Jeff Tone said...

Not sure specifically what you're referring to in regard to protecting children. If anything, they've been under-protected, as the seen in the problem of bullying.

The name "Braves" lends itself to cheap stereotyping of an entire culture: styrofoam tomahawks and "war chants." How about the Cleveland Indians with that insulting Chief Wahoo cartoon?