Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rachel Maddow Rejects Kochs' "Correction" Script

Kudos to Rachel Maddow for refusing to read the script provided by lawyers for right-wing billionaires Charles and David Koch. The script states that the Kochs are not involved in funding welfare drug testing. Maddow traces how the Kochs do indeed fund that failed policy and rejects their call for an on-air correction, stating, “We will not stop reporting on the political actions and the consequences of the political actions of rich and powerful men even if they send angry letters every time we do it. I will not read scripts provided to me by anyone else. I do not play requests. I will happily make corrections when I do get things wrong. We do it on this show all the time. But I will not renounce or retract reporting that is true even if the subjects of that reporting don’t like it.” Watch:

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