Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Night At The Liberal Curmudgeon: Arthur Lee & Love

Following our viewing last week of Arthur Lee, leader of Love, performing "Alone Again Or" on the Jools Holland Show, I decided to showcase another song from that 2003 performance, "You Set The Scene" (original version here.) "Alone Again Or" and "You Set The Scene" are the most well-known songs from Love's critically acclaimed 1967 album, "Forever Changes." Lee's performance here is a tour-de-force of rock instrumentation with horns and strings, along with lyrics that stir us to live life to the fullest.


Michael J. Mand said...

Arthur Lee's passing in 2006 went almost unnoticed because few music stations today play his music. As you point out, 'Forever Changes' was as critically acclaimed as it was commercially unsuccessful. I intend to begin correcting this injustice in the near future, as Lee's birthday, March 7, falls on a Friday - the day SJI webs.

Jeff Tone said...

Looking forward to hearing it!