Friday, February 21, 2014

Bill Nye To Rep. Blackburn: Stop Denying Climate Change

In a Meet the Press debate, Bill Nye "the Science Guy" refuted Rep. Marsha Blackburn's (R-TN) attempts to cast doubt on human-caused climate change. Blackburn, vice-chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and a recipient of campaign contributions from Koch Industries, repeatedly stated that there isn't a scientific consensus on climate change–a completely false assertion. Nye pointed out that cold local weather events do not invalidate findings regarding a global climate shift, stating, "It is a way apparently that the fossil fuel industry has dealt with our politics..." Nye also pounced on Blackburn's denial of significant change in the the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere: “When you said, you asserted, congresswoman, that a change from 320 to 400 parts per million is insignificant. My goodness, that’s thirty percent. That’s an enormous change, and it’s changing the world…There is no debate in the scientific community, and I encourage the congresswoman to look at the facts. You are a leader. We need you to change things, not deny what’s happening. This weather event’s important.” Watch:

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