Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Gentrification In Progress" Banner On Former NYC Graffiti Mecca 5 Pointz

Last November, we considered the fate of 5 Pointz, an abandoned factory building in Long Island City, Queens, just across the East River from Manhattan. 5 Pointz was an ever-changing graffiti mecca for artists from all over the world and a stop for tour buses. It was whitewashed to give way to luxury towers. In response, some artists made a statement with a giant "Gentrification In Progress" banner, shown above. The whitewashing of 5 Pointz does indeed mark another step in the gentrification of Long Island City, among other NYC areas.


Michael J. Mand said...

I have a difficult time with graffiti. Often considered an integral part of the urban scenery, I can't separate myself from the opinion that it is nothing short of vandalism when done on property that does not belong to the artist - and that includes abandoned property now owned by city, that is, all the people. I can tell you for sure that I did not appreciate graffiti on my building in Brooklyn and I paid handsomely to have it removed. (Shouldn't the perpetrator, whom we found, be asked to reimburse me? He was not!)

Jeff Tone said...

Click on the "Last November" link. 5 Pointz was not random graffiti. It was a indeed a graffiti museum filled the ever-changing work of talented artists. It should have been landmarked.