Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jon Stewart Rips Fox's Portrait Of The Poor

Jon Stewart pointed out that while Fox News uses "random, often unprovable anecdotes" to smear poor people as moochers, the network is fine with tax breaks for corporations that are more costly than public assistance. Stewart said, "What I'm getting from Fox is this: exploiting government largess, while reprehensible and morally corrupting for an individual, is A-OK for corporations." Watch Stewart call out, in two parts, the hypocrisy of Eric Bolling and other Fox hosts:


Michael J. Mand said...

I always say that anecdotes may be helpful in formulating a personal opinion, and they can useful to support a position. But hey cannot be used to prove a point in a debate. The only thing that anecdotes prove is that anything can happen.

Jeff Tone said...

Well put!