Monday, April 21, 2014

"Barack Enroll" Song Celebrates Obamacare Signup

After enrollment for the Affordable Care Act hit eight million, exceeding President Obama's target, Lauren Mayer celebrated with her song, "Barack Enroll." She explained, "As a card-carrying liberal Jewish mother who supports reproductive choice, marriage equality, environmental sanity, and economic fairness, I've seen way too much distressing news lately, which I usually channel into my weekly songs, full of sarcastic digs at the Tea Party/Koch Brothers/GOP, et al. But this week's ACA enrollment news was truly encouraging, and it motivated me to write an unabashedly positive song (okay, with only a few digs at the right wing, but hey, sometimes it's just too tempting to gloat!)." Watch her perform her song, based on the tune to "Old Time Rock and Roll":

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