Monday, May 12, 2014

Satirical Video: Australian Coal Producers' New Policy

The following video by Australian filmmaker John Nikolakopoulos satirizes the fossil fuel industry and its culpability in terms of climate change. How does the industry reconcile its professed concern for the environment with its fiduciary responsibility to shareholders? With their new "F#ck You" policy, which allows them to "straddle the dichotomy between what we know is true and how we can benefit by ignoring that truth." Watch:

Narrative: As one of the major contributors to co2 emissions and as we begin to contend with the real world effects of climate change, we have to prepare ourselves for the next step in addressing our corporate responsibilities in this area. We recognize what we call "The Gap" - the problem of simultaneously holding two contradictory positions. On one hand to act on our responsibility to humanity, but on the other hand to deliver on our commitment to superior value for our shareholders... I'm proud to announce the company's new policy of F#ck you...F#ck you means we can be passionate about our values, but not act on them. (It takes) our present-day financial burden away from us and transforms it into a chronic, economic, social, cultural and political crisis for future generations. It ensures solid returns to our shareholders, by killing their grandchildren.

Australians have also taken to Twitter to mock a campaign by Australians for Coal.

(h/t: Best of the Left Podcast)