Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sister Simone Teaches Dinesh D'Souza About Minimum Wage

On the Bill Maher Show, Sister Simone Campbell didn't let conservative author Dinesh D'Souza get away with his statement that the minimum wage is a "minor issue." She stated, "“Excuse me, it is not a minor issue. It is at the heart of people’s struggle. I met Robin at the White House and she works full-time for minimum wage. And Robin, who works full-time at minimum wage for a profitable chain, she has to live in a homeless shelter because she does not have enough money to pay rent. That is wrong in the richest nation on Earth. It is wrong and it’s a big deal!” Sister Simone then spoke to D'Souza about companies that provide poverty wages and rely on taxpayers to provide social services. Watch:

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Michael J. Mand said...

She made an excellent point that I had never considered.