Saturday, May 10, 2014

Terrifying Futuristic Hotel Coming To Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The monstrosity above, a projected futuristic luxury hotel in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, known as a hipster haven, is one more potential marker of gentrification in New York City. The pattern is familiar: artists move into an area, attracted by low rents and large spaces; galleries, restaurants, cafes and clothing stores open, as the area becomes trendy, gentrified and expensive; rising real-estate values force out the artists and longtime residents. I'd advise those thinking of taking a trip here to make their plans soon, before the entire city becomes a sterile outdoor mall and playground for the wealthy. Gothamist has the details:

Just two years after the Wythe Hotel made its grand Williamsburg debut, the neighborhood's ever-developing Wythe Ave is getting a brand new luxury palace for tourists. And while a new hotel/bar/club/DIY doughnut-creaming shop in Williamsburg is about as newsworthy as a Disney Store opening in Times Square these days, renderings for this monstrous Bespin-esque edifice is like a Disney Store, Toys R Us and ESPN Zone all rolled into one, with an added dose of locally-sourced steroids.

Brownstoner broke news of the upcoming space-age beast today. Dubbed "The Level Hotel," the 320,000 square foot behemoth is set to touch down at 55 Wythe Ave between North 12th and 13th Streets at some undetermined point in the future, complete with 183 "luxury" hotel rooms and a whole lot of retail space.

There will also be a 20,000 square foot farm on the hotel's rooftop, presumably to provide locavore produce for the Vogon Constructor ships that will use the building as a parking space. Remember when humans used to be able to afford Williamsburg? You're old.


Michael J. Mand said...

It's structures such as that one that ultimately serve to destroy the underlying architectural characteristics that make so many of New York's different neighborhoods so attractive and desirable.

Jeff Tone said...

It's so clear that this monstrosity does not belong in the neighborhood. The zoning board should not allow it.