Monday, June 2, 2014

Short Film "Fort Greene" Set In Gentrifying Brooklyn Neighborhood

The short film "Fort Greene" is set in a neighborhood experiencing the gentrification affecting much of Brooklyn and, for that matter, NYC in general. Within that context, we see the pattern of new residents and stores moving in and causing economic pressure on original residents. Writer/director Jordan Thomas, who plays the character Jacob, wrote that the film is "...set in the heart of a rapidly-gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood and chronicles the events surrounding a mysterious shoplifting incident at a high-end clothing store two doors down from Ralph's bodega, the unofficial neighborhood Town Square. In 2013, the film premiered at New Voices in Black Cinema and then played at Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, Beacon Independent Film Festival, Crown Heights Film Festival, and Philadelphia Film Festival. It also aired on Philly Film Fest On-demand/Comcast." In the powerful closing scene, a physical confrontation leads to a subtle, non-verbal compromise. Watch:

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