Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thom Hartmann: Rich Brats Hijacked Our Democracy

Thom Hartmann comments on wealthy elitists such as Sheldon Adelson and Ken Griffin, who plan to "invest" big bucks during the midterm elections on Republicans, in return for lower taxes and fewer regulations. Such "rampant bribery," Hartmann continues, "would be considered both immoral and illegal in virtually every other developed country in the world." He cites the Supreme Court, with decisions such as Citizens United, as the institution that codified the corruption of our political system. While the wealthy and corporations profit, "the rest of us live in a very different America than we had just a generation ago": our infrastructure is crumbling, students are overwhelmed with debt, wages are dropping and our health care system still doesn't work for all. Hartmann calls for an end to the legalized bribery of politicians, which would "reel in the rich brats and corral the giant transnational corporations." Watch:

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