Monday, September 15, 2014

Elizabeth Warren Slams Eric Cantor And "Revolving Door" To Wall Street

I recently wrote that one shouldn't worry about Eric Cantor, who resigned as Republican House leader shortly after losing the Virginia Republican primary to an even more right-wing candidate. Cantor, who stood for the interests of Wall Street, has received his payoff by taking a position as vice-chairman of the investment firm Moelis & Co., where he'll receive a base salary of $400,000. Speaking to Katie Couric, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) criticized the corruption epitomized by Cantor: “This is wrong. People work in Washington and, man, they hit that revolving door with a speed that would blind you and head straight out into the industry, not because they bring great expertise or insight, but because they’re selling access back in to their former colleagues, who are still writing policy, who are still making laws. It worries me about what happens if people in government are looking for that next job [and saying], ‘Yeah, I’m working now, not as much money as I could be making, but when I leave here that’s where I’m headed.’” Watch:

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