Thursday, September 18, 2014

Group Supports Columbia University Rape Victim's Protest

Last week, we took a look at the protest/performance art piece of Emma Sulkowicz, a visual arts major at Columbia University who is carrying a mattress around campus as long as her alleged rapist still attends the school. One of her rules for her piece, "Carry That Weight," is that she is not allowed to ask for help, but she is allowed to accept it. Some of her classmates started a group, "Carry the Weight Together," to show their support. The founder of the group, Allie Rickard, stated that the aim is to “help Emma carry the weight of the physical mattress, give her and other survivors of sexual assault in our community a powerful symbol of our support and solidarity, and show the administration that we stand united in demanding better policies designed to guarantee our safety and wellbeing on campus.” Watch the group "Carry the Weight Together":

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