Sunday, September 7, 2014

Terry Gross’s Moving Talk With Maurice Sendak: "Live Your Life"

In 2011, Terry Gross of NPR's "Fresh Air" interviewed Maurice Sendak (1928-2012), author of the children's classic, "Where the Wild Things Are." Sendak spoke about the preciousness of life, aging, mortality, friendship, love, nature, belief and non-belief. Artist Christoph Niemann was so moved by Sendak's profound reflections that he illustrated the interview, resulting in the following video. The background music is from the "Impromptu in B-flat Major" by Franz Schubert, which I chose as this week's music selection below. The interview concludes, "I wish you all good things. Live your life, live your life, live your life." Watch:


Janet Stoupel said...

Simple, yet stays with you... The hope to see a loved one, in spite of knowing they are no more;
and "Live your life, live your life, live your life..."-a mantra to start the week. Thank you.

Jeff Tone said...

You're quite welcome, Janet! I'm glad you found it as meaningful as I did.