Thursday, October 2, 2014

GOP Video: "Republicans Are People Too"

Vinny Minchillo, a Texas-based Republican campaign strategist, wants you to know that Republicans drive Priuses, recycle and listen to Spotify. Why, they even use Macs, just like this liberal blogger! Ulitmately, Minchillo wants you to know, as the title of the video below states, that "Republicans Are People Too." It's part of his campaign, "," which "aims to combat the partisan rancor directed at the GOP. In short: to humanize Republicans demonized by the left as women-hating, nature-destroying Fox News addicts. A 97-second video on the site informs viewers that Republicans do things that you may not associate with conservatives." Well, no one denies that Republicans are people; regarding the issues cited, however, it's also true that they support a party that denies women's choice and equal pay, as well as climate change. These stances are, of course, constantly reinforced on Fox News. Regardless, Republicans apparently feel hurt when these stances are called out. See if you feel inclined to not "post another bullying comment" about Republicans, as the campaign web site states, when you watch the following:

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