Thursday, December 4, 2014

#CrimingWhileWhite: Twitter Testimonies To White Privilege

In September, we looked at the case of Sarah Culhane, a white teen who drove her BMW into three cars, injured a woman, tried to flee and kicked a police officer in the head. The police took her to jail. Does anyone doubt that if she were a young black male, she would have wound up in the morgue? In this regard, a fascinating hashtag trend on Twitter, #CrimingWhileWhite, consists of tweets by whites regarding their scrapes with the law–scrapes in which they suffered no consequences. In a number of cases, their black friends were the only ones who were apprehended–and in every case, the tweeters are alive to tell their tales. Reading them, one comes to two conclusions: a "postracial society" remains a fantasy and white privilege is a reality. Here are 18 tweets:

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